Real Estate. Relocate. Buying. Selling.
Packing. Schools. Transfer. Retirement. Unpacking.
Moving. Mover. Move Out. Move In. Move On.

Do these above words cause your blood pressure to rise? Do these words stress you out?

If this applies to you and you are relocating from or moving to Kingston Ontario Canada-

Let Me Help YOU .

I understand the moving process and work to make the process smooth and successful for my clients.

Most of my childhood was spent on the prairies of Manitoba. I have lived in villages, cities, on farms and small Mennonite towns.

As an adult I married and the moving continued. Being a military spouse, I moved 13 times in 32 years, throughout 5 provinces, 3 countries, across 2 continents. With this kind of life experience, I can appreciate the excitement, but, also the stresses accompanying the purchase or sale of a home, the move itself, then the resettling of your family.

Kingston Ontario is now my home. I love this dynamic city and I know you will too. If you are a current resident, I’m sure you agree!

Laurie Sylvester
Any questions?

If you are soon to be in the housing market as you read this, either buying or selling property, contact me. We’ll sit down, set out a plan and start you on your way to a move that is a smooth transition. A transition that is as stress free as possible. Real Estate is so much more than a physical property.

I look forward to working with you,

Laurie Sylvester


You too could be the ‘I’ in Kingston!   How can I help?

Buying referrals, Selling referrals, Referrals out of the area, Trends, Markets, Graphs. Data, Input, Output – there is so much information out there now to glean from! Let me help. I know how to wade through the numbers, information and relevancy of what you can access now-a-days on the internet and from well meaning friends. Every situation is different, every situation deserves to be customized, individualized into what is helpful and meaningful.