Welcome to the City of Kingston. I moved here as a military spouse and quickly grew to love this city. Kingston has many wonderful neighborhoods and communities, each with its own personality
reflecting its residents.

Did You Know…?

  1. Kingston has been named one of the top seven most intelligent communities in the world by the Intelligent Community Forum.
  2. On June 27th, 2007, the Rideau Canal and Kingston Fortifications were inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  3. There are two universities and one major college in Kingston, but it is perhaps best known for Queen’s University. Queen’s was founded under royal charter from Queen Victoria in 1841.
  4. Canada’s first military college, the Royal Military College of Canada, was opened at Point Frederick, in what is now known as the east end of Kingston. This was a little way back…1876.
  5. Kingston is also called “Canada’s first capital of fresh water sailing
  6. The rock band The Tragically Hip is from Kingston.
  7. Kingston was Canada’s first capital city.
  8. Lake Ontario meets the St. Lawrence River right at Kingston, Ontario.
  9. Don’t be surprised to run into a famous personality a time or two during the summer months while in Kingston!
  10. Kingston is home to Canada’s oldest English Catholic high school – Regiopolis Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School
bench in Kingston

I’ve put together a short synopsis of the main neighborhoods in and around Kingston Ontario:

Kingston Neighborhoods

The City of Kingston’s Home Page is a great place to start for general information and many helpful links:


Here is a complete map of Kingston that can be downloaded from the City of Kingston website.


Whether you are leaving Kingston as a seller or coming in as a buyer, I am sure you will agree that the city of Kingston is the place to be!

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